Jul 12-2020

BidConnect - your smart bid management app with bid leads and networking tools

Bidding process is extensive and multitasking challenge for every estimation team member. There is one smart solution that's one STOP solution to save time and offer bid management, bid leads, show case company profile and networking. 

Welcome to BidConnect a web-based platform that helps companies manage their building construction project Bids and other tasks effortlessly. This App is meant for construction companies, real estate companies and other players in the construction industry to save time and money mainly during and after the bidding processes. Besides bids, there are other things you can do with BidConnect that we are going to explore in detail later in this article.

The fundamental role of BidConnect connect is to help your company save time and money that can be used in other important projects of your company. With over 30 years of experience in construction, they know all the processes and challenges involved during the bidding process. Solving most of these challenges was BidConnnect’s main objective while creating BidConnect.

The platform is web-based, so you will not have to install any software on your computer or smartphone. You can access BidConnect from your browser and you will be able to do everything within the browser.

Here is what BidConnect can do

Create projects: When you sign up on the platform, you can create projects and share them with your colleagues in your company. This is done for purposes of monitoring the progress and the costs of that particular project

·        You can share drawings and other projects documents: With BidConnect, you can share project documents with your colleagues on the platform so that all members are informed about the progress and the tasks of the construction project at hand. You can also invite Subs, vendors and any one you need for quotes

·        Track the biding process: When you place your bid for a contract within BidConnect, you will be able to monitor how far your application is in the assessment process of your potential client. And when you succeed or fail to win the contract, you are still given all this information in real-time

·        Communicate on the platform and manage bid communication: While doing projects, effective team communication is very key. Within BidConnect, team members can share information that could be of importance regarding the progress of the project

·        Track you bids by cost, success and criteria: For purposes of accountability and evaluation, it is important to have information regarding all the previous bids. For instance, you can compare the successful bids to determine why they were successful. You can later use this knowledge while making future bid applications.

·        Search and connect with networks and find projects: Their search engine can help you connect with traders, service providers, rental companies, etc. This will help you to grow your network in the construction industry. Remember in service-based businesses having the relevant network is a very big asset

·        Be found in search and land opportunities: Besides searching for others, your company can also be found in other people’s search results. This will help you land deals of those who may interested in your services

·        Sending quotes to potential clients: You can also use BidConnect to send quotes to anyone who might be interested in your services

Why BidConnect?

There are several other web apps that offer almost similar services but BidConnect stands out because of the following reasons.

1.    Free 3 weeks trials with no payment details required

BidConnect will give anyone interested in the platform a 3 weeks trial and you do not have to give in your credit card information before getting this trial. Within these three weeks, you will have full access to all the features of the platform. After the experience you get within the three weeks, you can then decide to subscribe to the paid plans

2.    Friendly subscription fees

BidConnect has 3 pricing plans that include the following: the basic plan at $5 per month, the standard plan at $10 per month and the premium plan at $25 per month. The services you get for each of the plans vary. If you want to have access to everything, you will have to subscribe to the premium plan. But all in all, the prices of BidConnect are fair compared to their competition

3.    You can have all your construction information in one place

With BidConnect, you will have bid documents, drawings and all your other construction documents in one place. You do not have to check your emails and other messaging apps looking for documents. Everything is in one place! This will save you lot of time that you can use to do other important tasks of your company.

4.    Over 30 years of experience in construction

The team at BidConnect has experts with over 30 years’ experience in the construction industry. So, they know all the challenges involved in the construction industry and everything they do is tailored to addressing these challenges.

5.    Ease communication amongst teams

With BidConnect, your team members can communicate either as a group or on an individual basis. This will ensure everyone is informed about their tasks and targets of their teams. Team members can also share essential project documents that members may need in their day to day tasks.

6.    BidConnect respects privacy of your data

When you signup on BidConnect, all the data you share about your company will safely be stored on the servers without sharing it with anyone whatever the reason maybe.

Sign up on BidConnect to enjoy all these benefits and many more.

Published By:

RAJ K, Founder and CEO of V-Plan Inc Canada, leading provider of Qty takeoff, estimation & SaaS for construction